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The CYP-AccEPT Clinic was established in May 2017 with an aim to improve access to Evidence-based Psychological Therapies for children and young people aged 5-18 . 

CYP-AccEPT offers support to children, young people and their families, who are experiencing mild to moderate worries or anxiety, low mood or depression. We also work with parents to support young children whose feelings may be expressed through their behaviour.

The CYP-AccEPT clinic also has a vision to support research in new and innovative models of support and service delivery; we aim to understand better the most effective ways of working to support young peoples' emotional wellbeing and make sure our own practice keeps pace with these developments. 

Sessions are provided by University of Exeter staff, who are rigorously trained in the most up to date, Evidence-based approaches. 

What can I find on this site?

On this site, you can find information about what the aims and vision for the CYP-AccEPT clinic are, who the wellbeing practitioners are, and a little more about the ways in which we work with young people and their families. 

You can ask for support for yourself, if you are 13 and over, or for you and your child if they are 12 and under. Head to the "i would like to work with someone" page

If you are currently working with one of our practitioners, you can sign up to the site, so that you can download the materials that can support your work together, and access the online chat box with your practitioner. 

You can also become a Young Advisor or parent advisor to the clinic, and advise in all aspects of service design and delivery. Your expertise and experience around managing your emotional wellbeing as a young person is vital to ensure our service is as easy to access as possible for young people and their families.



Meet the team

Lex Cavanna

Hi, I'm Lex. I am aWellbeing Practitioner, working with children and young people Seaton and in Exeter.

I love boxing, lifting weights, and buying plants.

Rita Meeds

Hello! My name is Rita. I like spending time with my horses and my family, I also love travelling. I really enjoy working with children and young people and have a degree in Early Childhood Studies.  


My role here, is to work with you, guide and support you during your treatment, making sure you are listened to and understood.

Paula Kendall

Hi, My name is Paula 


 I'm a trainee Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner for children and young people in the Exeter clinic.  I enjoy visiting the beach, baking cakes and knitting.  I have worked with lots of children and young people and I really enjoy it.

Ashley Low

Hi my name is Ashley and I'm a CBT supervisor at the CYP-AccEPT. 


Things you might like to know about me: I like yoga, hiking, watching netflix and hanging out with my dog

Mark Champion

My Name’s Mark and I’m one of the CBT Therapists in CYP-AccEPT.


Some things you might like to know about me include that I love music, travelling, camping with friends and family and I’ve also got a very (very) lively dog who keeps me active and who I love taking for long walks on the beach and moors.

Sarah Bancheri

Hello! My name is Sarah, and I am one of the CBT Practitioners for CYP-AccEPT.

I am a Canadian who loves to travel so that I can learn about new countries and cultures. I also enjoy cooking, practising yoga, and watching Netflix!

How can we work with you? 

The wellbeing practitioners are trained in a number of different approaches that draw from Cognitive Behavioural Theory: How our thoughts can affect how we feel, and in turn how this can affect how we behave or what we do (or don't do)

Together, you will work alongside your practitioner to understand what might be causing and keeping your worries, fears or low mood going, and learn strategies to help change this. It's all driven by what you tell us the difficulties are, and what your goals are for change. 

 If you are 13 or over, you can ask support from us without your parents' permission. Just tell us a little more about your difficulties on the "I would like to work with someone" page.

After your initial appointment, if you would like to work with a practitioner, you may be offered support on a weekly or every other week basis. If you are 13 and over, your practitioner will ask you to become a site member so that you can access the materials you need and use the chat box or telephone support to help guide you through working towards your goals. If you are under 13, or you and your practitioner feel that you would benefit from more intensive support,  then your practitioner may suggest that you see each other face to face at least for the start of your sessions.

It's clinic policy to make sure that at least every four sessions, you have a face to face check-in with your practitioner to see whether things are improving. If you're not moving towards your goals as well as you would like, or you're not feeling any better, then you and your practitioner could decide to start seeing each other face to face or having more frequent contact.You might also feel that alternative approaches could be more helpful. Equally, if you are making good progress with your face to face sessions, you might continue support through the chat box and telephone support. 

To get a better idea of what might happen at your first appointment, take a look at our meet the team leaflet.for 16-18 year olds.  

If you are under 16, here is a different meet the team leaflet. 


Contact Us

CYP-AccEPT Clinic
Sir Henry Wellcome Building for Mood Disorders Research 
Exeter university 
TEl:01392 726449 
Fax: 01392 724003
Email: cyp.accept.clinic@exeter.ac.uk

Hi, I'm Katie. I'm the team administrator for CYP-AccEPT. I'll answer the phone when you call the clinic. 

Katie Stewart

Designated Safeguarding officer: Laura Iunco-Reed. 

Designated Safeguarding Lead: Dr Fin Williams 

Contact Us

CYP-AccEPT Clinic
Sir Henry Wellcome Building for Mood Disorders Research 
Exeter university 
TEl:01392 726449 
Fax: 01392 724003
Email: cyp.accept.clinic@exeter.ac.uk

Hi, I'm Katie. I'm the team administrator for CYP-AccEPT. I'll answer the phone when you call the clinic. 

Katie Stewart

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