How can exercise help my mood? 

We know it can be really hard to find the motivation to exercise when you are feeling low and/or stressed; when everything inside you is telling you to stay in, rest, sleep, chill, and stay away from things, sometimes exercise is one way to help strengthen your resources, support your body and mind resilience, and help you back on track. 

So Where do I start? 

When starting something new, the important thing is to start in a way that you feel able to realistically commit to and achieve. 

Movement and activity can begin anywhere and range from morning stretching and yoga to a walk (with or without a dog) to build up to a jog/run. You don't need a gym membership and often being present and aware of your surroundings is a great, mindful way to start the day. We've shared a couple of videos below to help get you started. 

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