CYP-AccEPT is an Emotional Wellbeing service for children, young people, and their families with a unique vision: 

To inform and improve access to the best evidence-based psychological therapies so that children, young people and families can be supported early in their experience of emotional wellbeing difficulties.  

What do we do?

Meet the wellbeing practitioners

Laura Iunco -Reed

Hi, My name is Laura. I am the named Wellbeing Practitioner for Children and Young People, working with Queen Elizabeth College Crediton and the EXE valley Primary School Federation. 

You can find me at QE school on Mondays, and i also offer appointments at the Clinic. 

Things you might like to know about Me: I love travelling and my favourite animals are Elephant. 

Sarah Holland

Hi, My name is Sarah, and i am the Wellbeing practitioner for children and Young people, working with Exeter College. I offer appointments during the week at Exeter College. 

Things you might like to know about me: I enjoy baking and walking and i have a tortoise called Arthur! 

Rita Meeds

Hello! My name is Rita. I like spending time with my horses and my family, I also love travelling. I really enjoy working with children and young people and have a degree in Early Childhood Studies.  


My role here, is to work with you, guide and support you during your treatment, making sure you are listened to and understood.

Lex Cavanna

Hi, I'm Lex. I am the Wellbeing Practitioner Children and Young People working at Castle Place Surgery, Tiverton as well as the Exeter Clinic. Things you might like to know about me: I love boxing, strength training, and gardening


So what would i be doing? 

Well that's very much up to you! 

Wellbeing practitioners for Children and young people (WP-CYPs) are trained to work with young people and families experiencing mild to moderate Depression (low mood), Anxiety (fears and worries) and Behavioural difficulties in children under 10. 

In your first session, you will help your wellbeing practitioner to get a good understanding of the difficulties you have been experiencing, how this is impacting or changing your life, and what you would like to be different. Together you will explore the different therapies and ways of working - telephone, online, or face to face - that feel right for you. 

Your wellbeing practitioner will then support you over the course of 8 sessions, to work towards the changes that you want to make. Think of it the same way as you would a personal trainer  - just for your emotional wellbeing.. We know that our methods work, but you will also need to put in the practice to get the results!


So what next?

If you thnk you've heard enough and want to ask to work with someone, you can head straight to our "I want to work with someone" page. If you want to know more about how we manage your privacy and confidentiality, Please read our confidentiality, privacy and consent notice. If you would like to talk to someone further to see if CYP-AccEPT is the right service for you, you can give us a call or send an email on  our contact details below. 


Contact Us

CYP-AccEPT Clinic
Sir Henry Wellcome Building for Mood Disorders Research 
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TEl:01392 726449 
Fax: 01392 724003

Hi, I'm Katie. I'm the team administrator for CYP-AccEPT. I'll answer the phone when you call the clinic. 

Katie Stewart

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